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I am still trying to determine what makes pin 37 of the blue connector on the PCM to go low.I thought it might be from the crankshaft position sensor,(and it might be) but if it was not sending that pulse it would cause engine problems also. but I have to say the 2005 equinox is still starting and running so far. Sure glad Iv only got a few thousand dollars in this chevy.From what ive been reading about the chevy brand vehicles,all recalls of these equinoxs ive came to the conclusion that all chevy dealerships are a bunch of crooks.I have never bought a new auto from a dealership,and after reading about all the lame reasons they charge there customers so much, and most of the time keep adding extra charges.It just reminds me to stay away from them still. When it comes time for this chevy equinox is not cost efficent to keep running,this will be the last chevy brand for me..I have read of too many problems this auto has...

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