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Hi Clark, have you managed to sort out the shudder when in gear and idling. I have the exact same issue.
Yep. Can you make the post/thread to where you want it to be and I’ll sticky it for you? Just send me the thread link when you add it.
Thanks, I just put it in the official How To section. Lots of information which may help.
Gotcha. I just made it a sticky
Has anyone had this problem? 2014 Equinox Rear Hatch will only open with the key Fob, door switch and the inside button, if the ignition key is in the on or start position? The key fob works for locking and unlocking the doors and even remote start. No ignition issues or codes. Thanks
Is the car unlocked when you try and open the hatch? I presume you know that the hatch will not open if the car is locked, whether you were in it or out of it.
kevin howell
Hello Vern, The car doors are unlocked and it still will not open unless the ignition key is in the on position. Very confusing.