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I have a 2022 Equinox LT, when I download music onto a USB, it plays it Alphabetically instead of the chronological order that was recorded. Does anyone know the solution to this issue?
SD Card Removed on 2022 Equinox, navigation stopped working. My local Chevy Dealership told me they contacted GM. Due to my VIN there wasn't anything they could do as GM is working on a software update and I would have to wait for the update! This vehicle still under warranty, why should I have to wait for update instead of GM replacing the SD Card! Please just replace my SD Card!
I had same issue and dealer made me wait for software update, was released in Aug 2022. When it didn't work they replaced the SIM card and fixed it in 2 minutes. Software fix is only for INTERMITTENT issues.If you have a hard failure go back and make sure they understand. There is a TSB out that outlines all this. I raised a fuss with my dealer for jerking me around and they did stuff to make it up to me. Good luck!