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we bought a 2005 equinox about a month ago,the ABS lite and the T/C lite came on,so I parked it for a few days while I got on the local library website and went to chiltons auto section and tried to find out all i could about ABS brakeing systems.all that said I found a frayed wheel sensor cable frayed.The sensor was ok checked it with an ohm meter patched it up and the problem went away.BUT get in it and it would crank over but would not start....was thinking it was a bad fuel pump.and at my age I was not going to drop the fuel tank but was giong to cut an acess hole under the rear passenger side to get to the fuel pump from the top..but before I did that I wanted to make sure that the fuel pump was really bad before I did that so I found the relay that ran the pump and found that the relay is turned on by the PCM it just grounds the coil so that the contacts will send power to the fuel pump when you turn on the ingition switch with your key you can hear it come on.but mine would not.

for some reason the PCM is not grounding the coil as it should so I wrapped a small wire to the coil no.85 to ground at the frame of the vehicle and now when you turn on the key you can hear the pump come on and the engine will start.will have to use it like this till I find out what makes the PCM C1 pin 37 go low to make the coil enterjize and turn the fuel pump on. So if your fuel pump does not come on when you turn on your key you might save from payig 400.00 to 500.00 dollars plus labor of replacing a good fuel pump. you can make the pump come on by sending power at the pump relay to test your pump.I hope this helps some one else I worked on this for days. If any one know what pulse is used to cause pin 37 of the PCM to go low to turn on the fuel pump Please let me know......Thanks

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