Looking to add a new Equinox to the family V6 vs 4 cyl


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My first Equinox is a 2018 Premier 2.0T so I cannot comment reliably on later models. What I can say is the benefit of the 4 cyl over the 6 cyl is obviously fuel economy and I4 engines will just by design outlast a v6 by many miles.
Well, that is wishful thinking on your part. From experience, being the owner of a 2014 Equinox with a 4 cylinder, I wished I would have chosen the V6. The 4 cylinder has the inherent problem of the exhaust manifold cracking and spewing CO2 in to the passenger compartment. GM is aware of the problem, but refuses to issue a recall. It will cost you well over $800 to get replaced. Secondly, the issue with the water pump. The most idiotic design GM engineers came up with. Replacing this item, due to it's design and placement, will run you well over $1000 maybe more. Some shops refuse to even attempt this fix, as it requires the purchase of a special tool. This is not a uncommon problem with the 4 cylinder, so the money you save with gas mileage, better put that in the bank and use it for the repairs that will happen. Kindly provide some evidence, other than gas mileage, that a 4 cylinder "by design" outlasts a V6! Opinions are just that, everybody has one, some are based on facts, others on fairy tales.


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We needed a second car after selling my 2004 Vette. I did a ton of research for a decent vehicle and narrowed it down to the 2015 Equinox LT AWD. Bought it yesterday. The V6 306L SIDI engine was a new one for 2015, read a lot of good things about it. I used a couple of search references: Edmunds an CarComplaints.com. Car Complaints lets people register complaints about everything and it also includes the NHTSA data for each year. You can compare a bunch of years and it shows immediately the bad actors with bar graphs. The pre 2015 engines burned oil and clogged up the PCV system which caused the engine to run hot and timing chain issues. Thanks to Chevrolet and the oil maintenance fiasco of recommending an oil change every 10K miles, the above happened. After reading a lot and watching some YouTube vids, the consensus is to change it at least every 4K miles to avoid these problems. So far I love the car. Cheers, Bob


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Hey what's up everyone first time posting, New member lol..The fiancée and I are going to be adding a used Equinox to our family lineup.. But we're having some issues deciding on engines and trims.. AWD is an absolute must.. I've narrowed our choices down to two options a 2017 LT with 42k with a 2.4 awd or a 2014 ltz with the 3.6 v6 and 67k.. I have a family of four and travel freeway in Pittsburgh and Columbus a lot.. I don't wanna fall flat on my face when trying to pass vehicles on the freeways.. Any insight would be appreciated
No brainer....the six. For what you lose in mileage you gain a better engine, power for the highway and no expected 2.4l engine rebuild.


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If you want decent reliability, decent gas mileage, and enough power to truly drive. Get a 2013-2017 AWD with a 3.6 V6. The V6 also has a slightly better suspension than the I4. Make sure it is below 100k miles. Make sure the previous owners drove 10k or less miles a year on average. The one thing to point out is the somewhat crappy infotainment system prior to (I believe) the 2016 model year. No Car Play or Android Auto plus Bluetooth connection is limited to "Phone" only. So no Alexa Auto or other things like that unless you use the "AUX" in or USB port.
I got lucky in my search in the middle of April and found a 2013 AWD V6 for $10.5k with 95k miles. Small rust spots on the bottom rear door frame area that can be easily repaired. Other than that everything works, runs, and looks great.
The dealer had actually just received it and did all of their checks, maintenance, and cleaning right before I found it. The first day it was listed before there were any images up online I started talking to the dealer about it. Drove away with it a few days later. With practically the same 300HP V6 as the Camaro it will move.

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