2014 Equinox Oil Leak unseen and gasoline smell in oil

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Mar 2, 2024
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So my 2014 has a good oil leak somewhere. It’s crazy when I check the oil there’s none on the dip stick but if I open the oil cap on top and recheck dip stick it shows full.

It’s always had a smell of gasoline in oil since 2017. When I made mention of it over the years to several different Chevy STEALERSHIPS they say it’s the oil I’m smelling…

End of December I turned car on and let it run for 30 seconds before checking oil. When I opened hood all the underneath was soaking wet with small puddles on top of battery box, coolant container and all over. Had it towed to STEALERSHIP. They tell me my oil has gasoline in it and replace the Intake Manifold PCV Valve and do a Fuel System Clean Out and Oil Change. They can’t find oil leak even though the whole underneath is shiny and black! They charge $2417 for it. Week later the oil is back to smelling like gas and has still have an oil leak. It has been towed back to that same STEALERSHIP 3 more times because this oil leak is bad. When I drove it home the 1st from there the oil all leaked out and covered my engine fan!

Now a guy I know told me he use Lucas Oil Stabilizer Heavy Duty in 3 of his SUVs for the last 30 years. So stupid me used just a little bit and was like this crap is so dang thick and stopped.

I’m wondering could this have been the cause to make oil leak issue worse that the STEALERSHIP can’t find?

Any help/advice is appreciated! Because I’m NOT trying to keep dumping $$$ in getting it fix if it nots fixable…


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Oct 1, 2023
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Lucas oil stabilizer is an old school additive. 30 years ago it was used in tired loose V8 engines. Lucas is 10x thicker than motor oil, so it could make your problems worse by obstructing flow through the tiny veins in the VVT oil passages. I think your problem is still related to the PCV orifice inside the intake manifold. When you can’t vent blow by gas efficiently, you can burst the rear main seal. Or if if you’re lucky, gush oil out of the dipstick tube or somewhere else. There are different ways to fix that. Drill a hole in the manifold for access. Bypass it completely with a PCV valve, which is what I did.

With the hood open, remove the oil filler cap and turn the engine on. Do you get a lot of air blowing out ? Does it smell like gas?

Pull the small PCV fresh air intake tube out of the upper air intake box. Is it full of milky, looking moisture?

Do you get any loud rattling on the driver side near the oil filler cap?

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