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Nlino280 11-01-2017 11:12 PM

Reimbursement for warranty repair
I have a 2011 Equinox with 64,000 milesthat was just had the camshaft sensors and timing chain replaced at a local independent shop. I was also told by them that I am consuming alot of oil which I have found to be a common issue with this model year. No repair was done to fix the oil issue. The timing chain also has been reported as a common issue. The reason it was fixed at this shop is the car literally died right in front of the shop as I was driving home and I coasted right into the parking lot. Very convienent for myself but now after I did more research I am wondering if I screwed myself with a warranty repair that should have been covered.

This break down happened out of the blue and I didn't even consider contacting a Chevy dealer to inquire about any warranties I was just worried about getting it fixed. Flash forward to a few days later I was able to pull my vehicle up online under Chevy's site and learned that there are some special coverage warranties tied to the vehicle. When I search these warranties I am finding stuff linked to the timing chain. I am wondering now if I contact Chevy/GM in an attempt to reimburse me for what I paid to have the repair done at a local shop rather than at the dealer how much of a battle will this entail? I feel that what happened to the car is a known problem and they have added an additional warranty for it but under the circumstances I was not able to take it to a dealer for the repair. Does anyone have any insight on this and if I have a chance of recouping some of the cost from the dealer. I have read some bulletins online from GM about submitting forms for a request for reimbursement for repairs done but can't find much else about it.

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