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Mhjeff66 04-09-2018 01:47 PM

2018 Infotainment Screen Cuts Off and On
My new 2018 Infotainment screen is cutting off and on.
The behavior didn't start to exhibit itself until the car was 2 weeks old.
At first it would start doing it about 5 mins into driving and would stop cutting off and on about the 15th or 20th min of driving with it staying on all the time as normal.

When the display is out, everything is out, temperature, clock, etc., but the music still plays and the screen does not respond to to touch screen commands. Android Autoplay, OnStar do not display either.
I can change station presets with the steering wheel station preset controls and control the volume with the steering wheel and the dash knob.
If I want to know what song is Sirius-XM is playing I have to change the display from "Info" to "Audio" on my instrument cluster.

I took it in to the dealer I purchased it from and as I feared, the problem didn't happen while the service techs were checking out the problem.
The service advisor said to me that unless they witness the failure happening when I bring it in to them, that they cannot authorize any warranty servicing of the unit.
The next day I sent him video evidence of the problem and he replied that all he could do was forward my video and comments to GMTAC, (whatever that is), and he would get back to me if the responded to him. Since then I've taken dozens of videos of the screen acting up. Four family members and several friends have also witnessed the issue.

I purchased the extended bumper-to-bumper warranty and I don't think that I should be getting the run around like this especially for a new car that's 2-3 weeks off the lot.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Magnum488 04-10-2018 09:37 AM

Do you have the 7 or 8 inch screen? We're having problems with our 7 inch. Not cutting out, but not dimming at night without rebooting it every time the backup camera is used. Have you looked into lemon laws in your state?

Drputman 08-06-2018 08:06 PM

I have the same issue. Started happening before i left the dealership. 2 weeks later and i am still waiting on repair parts. Very dissatisfied!

Drputman 08-25-2018 03:17 AM

Dealership replaced the whole front wiring harness. It took them 3 days and repairs to the brand new harness that GM sent them because my hatch release wasn't working with the new harness. But i have it back now and so far it hasn't went blank since. Fingers crossed that the problem is solved.

SMV 10-16-2018 12:26 PM

My 7 inch screen is not going black or not dimming but is freezing. None of the touch buttons work while it is frozen. Once I turn off the car and restart it, everything works. I came on the forum to see if anyone else was having this issue - I see a lot of problems with the screen but not that one. I will try the reset.

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