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1SB, 1SC ..... What are the differences?

This is a discussion on 1SB, 1SC ..... What are the differences? within the 2010+ Equinox General Forum forums, part of the Chevy Equinox General Discussion category!
Forgive me if there is a thread about this somewhere, I did searches on here and found nothing. I do ...

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Default 1SB, 1SC ..... What are the differences?

Forgive me if there is a thread about this somewhere, I did searches on here and found nothing. I do find references to 1SA, 1SB, 1SC on other GM forums but not here and know it is specific to the model vehicle.

I found a link that shows the differences between the 1LT and 2LT and their options here:

2013*Chevrolet*Equinox Standard & Optional Equipment

What I am buying is a 2013 Chevrolet Equinox 2LT AWD 1SC. When I looked at the car I did not see the original window sticker in the car but maybe I overlooked it.

It has heated Leather seats, chrome wheels (I think they are 18"), navigation system with pioneer audio and maybe other items I forgot. These all appear to be options for the 2LT so I am guessing the 1SC is a convenience package that groups a bunch of stuff together? I added the items to the MSR from cars.com and get $31835 USD new which would be $41488 CAD current exchange. Seems a bit high to me as I am picking it up for $17,995 with 75000 km.

Car Guru said the market value is $22000 or so but I could not find others with the same features exactly. Some have sunroofs (mine does not unfortunately), others no leather and the chrome wheels seem very rare. This seems to be an odd combination as I can't find all the same features on another 2LT. Mine appears to be an LTZ minus the power liftgate, sunroof, rear entertainment system, power passenger seat, and lane/crash warning.

Here is a link with pictures of the car, it should be valid until I actually pick it up:

2013 Chevrolet Equinox - CarOne

It would be in my driveway over a week ago but on the final inspection they found a leak between the transfer case and trans which is under the factory drivetrain warranty. The Chevy dealer at first said they could not see anything wrong so the dealer drove it a couple hours, rechecked and saw the leak and took it back to the Chevy dealer. They are now saying it should be done Tuesday. I do appreciate that the used car dealer took the extra steps to prove the issue to the dealer so the Equinox will be 100% when I pick it up. I did purchase a 5 yr extended warranty with unlimited mileage (I drive 60-70,000 km/yr) but this saves me the hassle of taking it back. CarOne seems to be a good used car dealer. I told them I am an ex-mechanic and do a lot of my own repairs so maybe that helped.

Hope the cars.com link helps others, if anyone has info to share I look forward to it.
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Default Finally!!

First dealer replaced the leaking seals but damaged the case but returned it as fixed. Took it to another Chevy dealer who replaced the transfer case, now it's good. No leaks after 500km.

My ISC question I think is answered by the window sticker I found. After the base info (2LT is a nicely equipped base as shown in my cars.com link) under Options and Pricing it lists "Preferred Equipment Group - ISC". 3.6 V6 with dual exhaust tips $1725. 18" Chrome clad aluminum wheels $950. Perforated leather seats $800. MyLink with Nav etc $795. Black Granite Metallic paint $195.

Base $33,775, total $39,840. My estimate was not too far off, the exchange rate in 2013 (or 2012 if sold then) was a lot better than now so it makes sense. I'm pleased with the deal I got.

First impressions after one day ..... wow, does that 3.6 V6 kick ass! Puts my 2009 Impala with 3.5 to shame. I'm sure the 6 speed trans and gearing help but I was doing 90 kmh, punched it and was at 162 in a flash and it was pulling hard. I will let it keep going when I get a chance but imagine it will have speed limited to 180 like my Impala. I will just get there so much faster. Passing will not be an issue with the Equinox.

The radio and Nav stuff is pretty simple but I had rented a 2013 Malibu for 5 weeks for work and it had the same with no Nav. I set my home addy and hit the voice button and said navigate home and it popped right up. There's tons of options but the defaults seem to work pretty well. The audio is to my liking for sure, it sounds great.

When I test drove it 2 weeks ago it was during work hours (shhhhh!!!) so I had paired my phone to it, took about 15 seconds without manual. So when i got in it last night it was set to go, the bluetooth works well, I like how it mutes the radio but the Nav still gave voice instruction at a lower volume.

One disappointment ..... the AM radio reception sucks. FM is excellent but AM not so much. I live near the US border (as does 80% of Canada's population) and routinely listen to NY AM sports stations for ESPN, Fox sports etc. The range on these between my house and work is greatly reduced. I had Sirius in the past when I worked further from the US and may have to consider subscribing to XM/Sirius for my sports fix. I do like that XM has MLB, Sirius did not. I find Sirius sucked for music, the sound quality was not good. Perhaps it has improved? I hate paying that much just for sports talk but first I will see if there is anything I can do to boost AM signal. It was never crystal clear in the Impala but a lot better.

Overall first impression very favorable, I see why you guys love yours! I think I will love mine even more once I take a few hours to set the config the way i like. But it is a pretty sweet ride! I look forward to learning more and sharing what I find.
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Congratulations on your purchase.My wife bought a 2016 at the end of April,not a lot of kms,but we really like it.
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