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Jul 26, 2022
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So three days ago i decided to change the whole Timing Chain system on my 2010 GMC Terrain with the 2.4L Ecotec, including the balance shaft chain, tensioners, cam sprockets and the whole thing.

When i almost dropped a bolt on the ridge all the way to the oil pan and i put my finger on it, i noticed there was something lodged between the edge of where the old gasket for the timing cover met the engine block and noticed this metallic chunk.

My stomach dropped to the floor as my first thought that the ridges means it was a broken piston top, but it couldn't be, the angle was too sharp to match a piston head size, then my mind went to a broken bearing, and still believe that's what it may be, but i am not exactly an expert, while i take steps seriously while i'm performing something as a timing chain swap, i can't identify every single component that comes from an engine although i have a general idea.

The piece is magnetic, so no, it's not from the aluminum block, and the vehicle runs with no noises or roughness, actually idles a lot better after swapping the chain.

However, i am concerned about where this chunk came from as if somebody knows for sure i can determine if i should stop driving the car or start saving for a new vehicle, rebuild kit or new engine.



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