Raining in 2010 terrain


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I have a 2010 gmc terrain sl no sunroof and every time it rains the floors are soaking wet, i had the windshield checked for leaks and even replaced and still raining. I pulled the roof rack off and put caulking on anything coming out the roof which all looked good any way. Anyone have any recommendations i brought it to gmc in slidell,la and was told it was the windshield and it is not. Please help
Have you investigated the door gaskets? I would also look under the car to see if there were some factory holes that might have been punched out from the previous owner.

Just a couple ideas to get you started.
Could also be a hole in the fire wall that was punched through from some accessory from the previous owner and the didn't bother to reseal it.

Do you hear any abnormal road noise that you wouldn't think the be there normally?

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