2013 equinox blows #43 fuse when using remote start.

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Jan 8, 2023
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car runs good , has the oil consumption issue like most have . last week CEL came on and my reader kicked back 8 codes all related to the #43 fuse. i dont recall the codes at the moment but replaced the fuse and cleared the codes . all was well till my girlfriend (her car) used the remote start . she went out after a few minutes , the car had died (or not even started) , so she did a regular start ,it started but showed the CEL lit up again . i checked #43 fuse first thing and it was blown. replaced the fuse and checked several possible culprits , unplugged O2 sensors and started regular , not remote start , fuse held steady . plugged O2 sensors back in and started , and the fuse held . she used remote start again today and the fuse blew. she of course didnt tell me she had been using remote start this whole time i've been troubleshooting the problem. so.....any thoughts on this ?

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