Where's my cat?

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May 7, 2023
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So I bought a '13 Equinox LTZ, AWD- 2.4L ecotec (200,000mi), and have had problems getting it to run right; fighting a P0420. I finally got a chance to drop the cat(?) to check it out and there was no element in it. It's the piece just below the manifold; vertical; right next to the firewall. There's a bulbous section, but it's empty. There is an element downstream (horizontal, right under the center console), but it's downstream of both O2 sensors.

So my question is, is there a catalyst missing here? And should there be a downstream element? Should I replace it with a new element, and if so, does the downstream element stay or go? It's clogged, for sure.

Thanks for any advice. I tried running it without the cat, altogether, but without any back pressure, it just flew through the gears with no power.

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