Rad fan temperature

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Dec 28, 2023
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Does anyone know what temperature the fans are supposed to come on?
Background: I am running a 195 thermostat but my 2006 equinox is usually running in the 180-190 range. I let it run in my indoor parkade and it rose to about 205ish and the fans never came on. They do come on if I turn on the A/C.
Also I have heard them running before with a/c off, but I didn't have my obd hooked up at the time to know the exact engine temp.


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Aug 26, 2018
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I’ve done a number of headgasket jobs on equinox’s and always have heatercore issues so I monitor cooling temps as part of job.
My last one would run at 190f with a 195 thermostat. It had a “weak” spring. You should replace your thermostat to start.
I do know the fans seem to turn on around 205-210 and seem to turn off around 204. There is a lag. But I’d say in the 200-210 range.
I almost always have to flush heatercore but I am fixing headgasket issues and am pretty sure previous owner used stop leak.

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