Another noise while stopping... but.....

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Oct 17, 2023
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2019 2.0ltr turbo FWD 30k miles

Front end noise around right wheel. Car is quiet when started cold. Then, 5-10 minutes into a city drive, the noise starts as a quiet grinding after a few minutes it transitions into a thumping that seems to be related to wheel speed. It happens most/worst when slowing to a stop. Once it starts, slowing for a speed bump and going over can make a much louder rattle. The grinding mode sound's kinda' like a brake pad worn to metal sometimes. But pads are good and pads worn to metal typically grind all the time. After it grinds for a few minutes, the sound transitions into a speed related thumping.... which kinda sounds like a bad CV joint. But, those typically don't grind and are much worse in a tight turn. There is no difference in this noise when turning.

Noise started out as very infrequent and intermittent. Now, it shows up most trips, but, we can still have a 20 minute trip around town with no noise.

It did get so pronounced, once last week, that it continued the thumping in my garage in drive, foot on the brake, idling, sitting still. Steady 2-3 thumps per second. A/C off. Sound system OFF. Glove box empty.

Could it be ABS doing something? Wheel speed sensor causing trouble?
Could it be wheel bearing? But, the nose sometimes continues when the car is not moving.
Could be something in the transmission? I have no idea. But, is conceivable.

Car is at dealer who won't be able to get to it for several days. Asked it we could get an appt and they said when it came in for appt it would go to the back of the line, again. (SO - why make appts at all?)

I do not think it is this, but, the only thing I can think of that would cover all this is a bad motor mount? I"m not suggesting this is the problem. Don't think it is. I can open the hood so I can see the top of the motor, put it in drive while holding the brake and give it some gas and the motor does not move much at all, Same tried in reverse. I'd think if it was a motor mount, I'd see/hear something.

I usually go into a car repair situation knowing what is wrong. This time, I have no idea.

While dropping of the car at the dealer this morning, another customer at the desk beside us mentions his Traverse is in again from a grinding when stopping. WHen we were leaving he also happened to be leaving and I asked if his Traverse sounded like our Equinox and he said exactly. Dealership had replaced all rotors/pads and done suspension work and the noise persisted. His description of the noise was identical to ours without me prompting him with any info.

Anyone else with a late model Chevy seeing anyithing similar?

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