2018 2.0 LT-Parking brake released and brake assist come on in the DIC while driving

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Sep 2, 2021
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In the last month sometimes coming off a stop, can be on slight incline, decline and flat, parking brake release comes on in the DIC while driving. When that light goes off, brake assist then comes on. Have taken pics of 2nd warning showing I'm driving at 25 mph +. Has anyone else experienced this. Called dealership to see if there was a bulletin on this or if they knew anything. Of course no.

Also sometimes on a hill, hill assist doesn't come on when I step off the brakes. First time rolled back, luckily no one was behind me or I would have crashed into them. Another Chevy dealership was useless. So last week coming up my hill, a big red fox ran in front of me and I stopped. When I went to go, hill assist didn't come on. So I stopped and tried to replicate it and I did. My Equi rolled back and then "reduced engine power" came on in the DIC. I stopped put car in park and shut it off.

If anyone else has had these issues please respond. 2 dealers had no clue.

One more thing, driver side wiper just smears on upstroke. I never complained about it since this was a lease. Of course COVID hit and bought it out as Certified. Dealership close to me told me it wasn't covered. Bullshit. They wanted to replace the wiper assembly under the cowel for 600 and said there was no guarantee it would fix it. It's bad at night when you can't see. So went to other dealer and certification was over and other dealer said that they would have covered it. Oh well. They said try replacing the windshield.

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