2010 Equinox LT V6 periodically sticks in 2nd gear and doesn't upshift to 3rd

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Aug 30, 2015
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2010 LT V6 doesn't upshift from 2nd gear to 3rd gear typically in the first 2-10 minutes of driving. Instead, the revs just keep increasing in second gear. Depending on if its safe to pull over, I come to a complete stop and the problem doesn't repeat itself when accelerating after the stop. If not safe to pull over, I have to shift to "Manual" and hit the + button a few times to force the upshift and get the higher gear engaged. The shifting between gears feels smooth otherwise & when the problem is not happening. Car has about 102K miles on it.

Its not throwing any diagnostic codes. The transmission fluid was recently changed but had no impact on the problem. Is this a sign of a transmission going bad where I should expect a rebuild is necessary or is this possibly a computer or other issue? Anyone have a similar issue or troubleshooting tips? Thanks in advance!

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