2006 Equinox LS ABS Codes

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Mar 11, 2024
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I have two codes under ABS: C0241 PCM Indicated Requested Torque Malfunction
U2105 Lost Comms w/Engine Control System

Under each Code is the sentence: "Malfunction Indicator Lamp Request: No DTC Status History

Prior to these codes I replaced the rotors, calipers and pads on two front wheels and shoes, drums and cylinders on the two rears within the last two months. After that, the caliper on the right front kept locking up. I greased the caliper slides and that seemed to work for awhile and then it happened again. The third time my wife was driving the car and it locked up while she was driving. She said she heard a thunk, a growl and then the car would not go over 20. (I think that might be because the brakes were on). I went and got the car and drove it home without incident. ABS light never came on but the check engine light did come on. I'm assuming that the MIL request has something to do with the ABS light not coming on.

I looked for info on these ABS codes but did not find anything specific to my vehicle. Any experiences with these codes or how to troubleshoot?


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