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    what temperature sets off the ENGINE HOT A/C OFF warning?

    Had stuck open thermo on my 07 torrent. Scan tool said motor was 155f. And code was for coolant temp too low and coolant temp too high. P0126 and p0128? Been awhile. New thermo is at 200-205f when fans come on and then go off. then I had lousy heat at idle. But ok heat driving. Flushing heater...
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    2005 Overheating

    Well, intake gaskets are 2/3 work required to pull heads. So, there is that. Still have to take lots of crap off top of motor. I’ve done 5 equinox head jobs.
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    Egr tube crack

    I replaced egr tube. My office is over garage at my house. When my wife starts suv i could hear a low freq rumble from exhaust. With new tube sound is gone. Seems odd for small leak from tube. Maybe it odd acoustics from me being in room above garage? My garage is sheetrocked of course. For fire...
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    2010 Equinox with transmission problem - how much should I hope to get for it?

    I bought a 2010 Ltz for $800 2 yrs ago. Had a bum trans. But 180k miles. Seller said it had new head. Ran fine. It did move. Had a bit of rocker rust. I found a used trans but decided to sell it. For 800. I see same rig for sale a lot. $1200? Usual price now.
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    06 equinox rear driveshaft

    Saturn vue? Gm did change DS hub in 07 so a torrent or equinox DS from 07 won’t work
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    Equinox wheels

    Got these today. <5k miles. Approx. seller had 1 replaced due to road hazard and decided to get new wheels
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    Equinox wheels

    Buyer has 2 wasted torrent wheels. Might trade plus cash for 2 vue wheels.
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    Steering noise

    Odd thing. Steering made a groaning sound when turning wheel. I thought maybe strut mounts? Rack and pinion? I unhooked tierods end, yep that’s odd. No change. I could then twist strut assy independent of rack and I could hear the sound while turning strut. Turns out it was the sway bar link rod...
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    Cooling system flow?

    Flushed cooling system. Seems stable now. Then last week temp gauge said cool but scan tool said it was normal. Next day temp gauge said ok. I’ve been driving it a bit but not daily and it seems ok. But, I have water in system. No antifreeze. I think heat is ok at idle. Hard to check with 70 deg...
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    Cooling system flow?

    My torrent has odd cooling system performance. i can drive nonstop and heat is fine. if I stop the hot vents soon go cool. if I drive with ac in summer and stop, the temp gauge starts to rise. i have never seen it overheat While moving 10mph and above raising idle to 1200 rpm or higher makes...
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    Equinox wheels

    Sold my torrent wheels and put my spare steel rim set on. I saw some used torrent wheels last week. Might get them. Maybe. only have terrain wheels now.
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    08 Equinox/Pontiac Torrent 3.6 Transmission Issues

    I bought a 2010 equinox w/2.4 that had a new timing chain but bum trans. i drained black trans fluid and refilled but I had 1-2 gears but no 3rd up. I let it sit for 2-3 months after I found out used trans was $2000+. And rebuild was more. Then I sold it.
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    Equinox wheels

    Found a set of these. GMC Terrain. 19”. So so tires. $80 but they are 5x120. Won’t fit my equinox 5x120 is 2010 to 2017? I think 2018 and newer equinoxes went back to 5x115 sold 4/20
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    Equinox wheels

    My shed is stuffed. I had 10 wheels/tires piled up. I have all for sale on CL and whatever got an offer was leaving. Now I have 6.
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    Equinox wheels

    Sold the chrome rims. Got $275. Picked up a set of vue wheels for $50 last month to sell. Or use.. Little plain. But, they work.