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BMC_RET 08-22-2017 12:37 PM

Maybe new info, maybe not
Hey all,
I just took my new to me 08 NOS Sport with the 3.6 in it to my local GM dealer to ask them a couple of questions about it. Here is what I learned. The rings on the pistons were designed wrong from the get go. They have too much gap.... hence, on the 3.6s at least, they will burn oil.... which will go out the exhaust and plug up the cat and cause the P008 code.
Another thing, the timing chain issue is not so much the chain stretching.... it is the tensioner going bad and not able do its job properly.
Finally, I asked them to run my VIN to check on any TSBs that might be on the car.... and surprise surprise.... There are minimal TSBs applied to the Equinox. When I asked about how come a TSB would apply to a Terrain or SRX with the same drive line but not to the Equinox he got really defensive and stated.... It only applies to the VIN. If the TSB does not come up under your VIN then it was all taken care of when the car was built.
I could see REAL quick that I would not get anywhere with him so I left.


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