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1sLoY7 05-23-2012 08:30 PM

The Bull$hit corner
Just what the title says. This would be the place to bull**** about what ever floats your boat.

dietz4ibanez 05-23-2012 08:53 PM

I had a wonderful lunch at the local Mexican Restaurant only to have a bug fly down my throat later on. Let's just say that thing seemed to cause havoc in my stomach. I lost half of my lunch. At least it tasted just as good and not the bug! :lol:

1sLoY7 05-23-2012 09:04 PM

I could go for a good meal on the boat. The food sucks and there are only so many hot pockets and frozen pizzas a man can take.

prheaume 05-23-2012 11:10 PM

Last thursday, my friend and I attend to a ball game, at the 7th inning, we start to sing the traditionnal '' take me out to the ball game '', my friend ate a butterfly while signing haha! We had to go to hospital because he was allergic, but his face worth 1000$ when his tonge started becoming bigger and bigger !

1sLoY7 05-24-2012 08:49 AM

Well this morning in WestCameron601 it is rough as **** out here. The barge that I am working on has about 9" of water running across the deck. There are 5'-7' occasional 9' seas and the winds are at about 20-25. Needless to say they really want to finish this job

TheDarkKnightKnox 05-24-2012 09:11 AM

I'm perfectly okay with frozen pizza as long as its frachetta's!!!!! Could eat them everyday and for only $4.95 at walmart!

I'd be seasick, i certainly don't have sealegs. I have to take dramamine when i drive long distances cause i'll feel like i'm driving for at least 24 hours haha:ROFLJest:

1sLoY7 05-24-2012 09:36 AM

Yeah it takes some getting used to but once you get your legs its all good. I have been out here almost 8 years now and its not a problem. I gotten in some bad stuff over the years so I barely notice the rocking any more.

dietz4ibanez 05-24-2012 09:17 PM

I just farted

1sLoY7 05-27-2012 08:53 PM

Well today was a laxed day. I was watching out the window watching the tuna hitting everything that made a plash on the water. And I didn't have my pole. That is some bull****!

dietz4ibanez 05-27-2012 09:18 PM

I had a bug fly into my eye!

prheaume 05-27-2012 09:53 PM

was washing my nox this afternoon.. was proud to see it clean ... my uncle enter the driveway with his brand new traverse... what a truck.. mine just look regular lol

dietz4ibanez 05-27-2012 10:18 PM

I just got a 01 Oldsmobile Aurora for a killer deal! It's clean and runs... Needs 2 new valves and if that is all it needs it can be fixed for $300 if I do the work. I bought the car for $500...

My brother trailers over a nice 2001 Pontiac GXP that he got for $500. Other than the fact that it was in a wreck it is a pretty nice car. He bought a donor car and ended up being a easy fix for it. The GxP no longer appealed to him being that the wrecked car needed so much work. We just pulled the engine and tranny and I loaded it up for a guy for $550... So he gets his money back plus $50 and now he will get money for scraping the car after he takes out the goods he will probable get another $300-400 for the car.


prheaume 05-28-2012 12:00 AM


another one for tonight, my dad install a new camera for our spot where we hunt deer. the new one as a flash and it makes a little sound. we can clearly see on a picture that the deer is jumping when he heard the clic LOL

hope he will come back!

1sLoY7 05-28-2012 11:22 AM

If you dump feed I am sure he will come back.

dietz4ibanez 05-28-2012 11:38 AM

Yes! They will always come back but it wouldn't hurt to get a better camera...

As I sit here and think. My camera is still at my land... I hope no one has taken it... Our hunting season ended January 1st.

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