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2012 Equinox outside temp reads -24 degrees. Change ambient temp sensor it reads the same, a/c wont work
Hi I am a new member but I plan to be a fairly active member of this Forum. Wondering if we could get a section for 3rd Gen Equinox's rather than being grouped into the 2010+ group. I am willing to help admin the site a bit if you could help show me what needs to be done.


Recently acquired a 2009 LT AWD for $850 , yeah!? after major disappointment with a 2010 Patriot ,For me it,s all about towing capacity with my 5x10 flat deck for hauling firewood.
When it comes to 4 vs 6, I have always gone with the 6 ..... that is until I bought the 2019 model. I chose the 2.0 4cyl turbo and have never even had to take it to the dealer once. Well built car and 250+hp motor. Can't remember for sure but not sure if it came in 6 but I do remember the 4 cyl pre 2018 were barking dogs.
I have owned chevys all my life and had 6 cyl b 4 this one
Hello! I have a 2018 chevy equinox 1.5L. I understand it only tows 1500lbs, however, we're buying a small boat that is 1575lbs (not including trailer).

If im only going a couple miles down the road to the lake, at a slow speed, will I be ok? Or am i going to be forced to buy another vehicle that can tow.
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Help! I have a 2016 Equinox and want to upgrade the factory sound system.
Went to the chevy parts site and they say one of the speakers is a "instrument Panel " speaker? Would that be the center dash speaker? ANY help would be appreciated
I have a 2011 Equinox and have had a lot of issues and repairs. Last year I went through an oil consumption study at the dealership and got a new engine. I haven't had any trouble since until this morning. I left my house and drove 50 yards when the engine warning light came on and Engine Power is Reduced message and could not accelerate over 20 mph. It was 15 degrees and my commute is 30 miles mostly on I-95 so I turned around and went. Waiting to hear back from the maintenance tech at the dealership who knows my history. I was unsure whether I should drive it or have it towed to the dealership. i came here and saw others with this issue with mixed solutions. I am outside my warranty- it was extended last year due to "known issues" with the 2011's but I think that has expired. Looking for feedback or advice. I do not want to pay hundreds of dollars -again- to fix this vehicle. Thanks
Hey, thanks for getting back to me.

I am pretty certain the 2013 LS comes with a touch screen MyLink. After searching the LS, I seen several 2013's with the touch screen so, I don't see why there would be an issue getting one installed as the equinox has all the brackets and spacing needed. Actually, I don't think there is any difference in size with the system, only the cover gets changed to accommodate the new features. Any event, I am still searching for a way to get this done. I hate the factory radio that it came with.

Never received answer from anyone. I believe it is possible, but until I find out more info will not attemp it
I have a 2010 Equinox and the stabilize track system light keeps coming on after I start to drive. It clears when I shut it off but comes back again. It makes a ticking sound for the about 30 feet but stops and then the light comes on. I had a diagnostic done and it came back front right wheel sensor. I tried to test the sensor with a volt meter but I cant get a reading from the sensor. I tried both driver and passenger sides and neither give me any readings. I don't want to just change the sensor because it is 100 bucks. Has anyone had this trouble with there equinox.
We have a 2010 chevy equinox with check engine light coming on with the code p0014 coming up. We have taken it to a repair shop and they change the oil and variable valve timing solenoid both of them. And then 3 months later check engine light comes on again and same code took it to the repair shop and they recommend to put synthetic oil in it and not even a week later the check engine light comes again with same code. So please help. Thank you.
2013 Equinox, ok...frustrating..I have had numerous problems..with oil consumption...wiper's quit working in severe thunderstorm however the latest emissions sensor..coming on and the vehicle stalling at low speeds. I had just had the vehicle inspected and emissions oil change roters brakes at the dealership..and a week reversing out of a parking spot..and stalls..then the sensor for the emissions came on. Since then..has stalled "numerous" low speeds..running hard like a diesel ..can't allow my teenage son's to drive..afraid they will be slammed into..when they stall! Dealership can't take until next week!!!
hello, im new here i just bought a 15 nox with the 3.6l and i can not find anything to lower it. all so i want to run cold air kit but cant find that either? any suggestions?