Window washer fluid / Wet frt. carpet


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Does the washer tubing run under the carpet in my 07 Nox. Somewhere somehow my washer fluid is leaking inside the vehicle even though it has been used.


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Below is how the hose is routed through the car and how to replace damages hose.

The rear washer hose is a component of the main body wire harness assembly. The rear washer hose is a hard plastic convoluted tube that is wrapped in the electrical tape along with the main body wiring harness. It starts underhood where it connects to the rear washer solvent container hose, this is rubber tubing. The rear washer hose routes into the main body wire harness underhood and passes through the front of the dash. The rear washer hose runs inside the vehicle interior along the left side rocker and over the left rear wheel housing. The rear washer hose is then routed up the left side pillar where it connects to the rear washer nozzle hose , where it is rubber tubing, at the top of the lift gate opening.


1. Locate the damaged section of the rear washer hose, this will be hard plastic convoluted tubing.
2. If the leak is located inside the main body wire harness, cut back the wire harness electrical tape to expose the damaged section.
3. Cut out the damaged section of the rear washer hose.


1. Replace the damaged section of the rear washer hose.

o Use a 9.5 mm (3/8 in) vacuum hose to replace damaged section.
o Overlap the rear washer hose, the plastic tubing, by 10 mm (0.39 in) on each end.
o Retain each end of the vacuum hose with a 100 mm (4 in) cable tie.

2. Verify the repair by activating the washer system and checking for leaks.
3. If the leak was located inside the main body wire harness, use electrical tape to retain the repaired section to the wire harness.

4. If the leak requires the rear washer hose to be removed in the front of dash grommet do the following:

o Cut out the auxiliary washer hose hole from the grommet.
o Pass new section of the rear washer hose through the new grommet hose.
o Repair the hose on either side of the grommet.


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Sorry guys ive been really busy. Im going to tackle this thing soon. I will post the results then. Getting ready to do a 1000 mile road trip. I did notice washer fluid dripping from a small hole about dead ctr. in the firewall the last time filled. Also the windshield has been replaced prior to me noticing this issue. Im thinking maybe a disconnect somewhere within the area.
Washer Fluid Leak inside car

HI, I am having the same problem. After adding the washer fluid it leaks from bottom of dashboard and onto driver's side floor. When I turn on the wipers and pump the fluid it doesn't work for the front, but when I turn on the back ones, it pumps it out the front. Weird. I just bought the car last night. Is this expensive to fix?


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wet frt carpet

The hose does run under the carpet. it comes in near the front door and under the door, across the front of the seat to the other side under the back door up to the back of the vehicle. all of this under the carpet

2006 NOX

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Front Drivers Side Carpet Soaked

I have a 2006 chevy equinox that ONLY the front drivers side carpet is SOAKED and now smells like mildew. HELP?! No idea where its coming from, did some research and some trial and error seems perhaps the washer fluid jug may be leaking into the back on the floor perhaps?


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Found the leak

There is a 1/4" black corregated hose wrapped in the wire cluster under the threshold of the drivers side door. There is a white plastic sleeve protecting these wires. Remove it. In that section the washer tube makes a 180° bend to take up slack. In that bend is the leak. Cut out the bend so it's straight. Use 3/8" clear tubing to repair the tube. Put silicone on the rings of the factory tube as slide while gently twisting the black tube inside the clear patch tube. I was able to get it about 3/4" in. Fan dry all carpet and pad before putting everything back. Fill washer bottle, check to make sure it's fixed. ( the leak may only show itself while operating the rear window washer control.

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