Transfer Case


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I have a 2012 Equnox and the transfer case is whining. Its $1900 to fix it. It only has 126k miles. Am I the only one?:mfr_omg:


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I have 2011 equinox LT. Bought it January, transfer case busted in October. I can't even find transfer case or the part name or number for bearing inside the transfer case!!


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no stock of transfer cases in all of canada and no parts available either.....thx gm and thx china for covid and slowing down parts availability


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I just went through this with my 2013. Transfer case more or less imploded at 325,000km. (about 200,000 miles). Garage found a used one for $1200CAD - I found brand new ones online for $1179CAD. But when I ordered the new one I got a call saying they were out of stock and ETA was 4-6 weeks. I called around and all the dealers said the same thing, none to be had from GM. I had to settle for the used one. I was offered a remanufactured transfer case for $2400 - obviously someone gouging given the situation.

Now is not the time to have a transfer case go bad ......