Tire sensor


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My Equinox 2017 has a tire sexor stuck at 28 lbs. I tried adding air and letting air out but it keep saying 28 lbs/ Any Ideas before i take it to the shop?


If you have a TPMS relearn tool or know someone who does, I would try relearning. If you need a relearn tool I just saw one online at Wish.com for $10 CAD. Amazon has them for a little over $20 CAD. They have come way down, I got one years ago and it paid for itself many times over.


I've watched customers at Discount Tire negotiate prices of new tire sensors. So if you need to replace it don't pay full price. Also, I don't fix that system when it fails. I still have my dependable $2 tire pressure gauge in my glove box. It's all I ever needed before these sensors were invented. Good luck with the fix.