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Class action lawsuit against GM for defective engines. Send info to [email protected] to be added as a claimant. 600+ of the same problem with the standard answer from every dealer "dirty oil", proves GM knows of the problems and instructed dealers to give this ridiculous answer to everyone. The real problem = The oil injection ports are too small. Now, 2 years after the timing change replacements, I personally have developed an oil leak (as have 100+ other posters) at the timing chain cover. GM service center answer = fluctuations in the weather from hot to cold. BS!! This is a humongous problem for GM and instead of owning up to it, they're trying to cover it all up. No way that everyone is experiencing the same problem(s) all over the country in Traverse, Equinox, Acadia and Outlook.

There is no cost obligation on your part at all.

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Also, come join us here:

We're looking to fight back.* GMC and Chevrolet are leaving hundreds, if not thousands, of American consumers financially responsible for their faulty engines in Terrains and Equinoxes between 2010 and 2017.* Like many, my vehicle suffered a complete engine failure with only 80,000 miles on it.* We're demanding that all vehicle manufacturers cover their vehicles with a 150,000 mile full engine replacement warranty and that they reimburse all damages to customers already affected on this claim.*

Here is the fact of this case:* They made a bad product.* They may be big, but they need to pay for it completely just like any other American business would do.* We need to show that we will not stand for these sort of unethical business practices which leave American consumers facing the financial burden for corporate mistakes.

If you are affected by this or support our cause, come join our facebook group at the following link.* And if you do have a story, make sure you tell it there.* We are collecting these stories to present at prosecution.*


Also, if you're on twitter, join us in tweeting them the following message, once a day, every day, until you have finished paying for their mistake.* Make it known how many this is affecting.


Having problems with oil consumption resulting in engine FAILURE in your @GMC Terrain or @chevrolet Equinox? You are not alone. Come tell your story. https://www.facebook.com/groups/174877126561662/*… #GreataMericanCompanyNoLonger

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