Swishing (water) sounds when accelerating- - 2009 Equinox


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2009 Equinox 3.4L, 46 000 km Odometer.

I have pinpointed this problem to my coolant system. I believe there is air bubbles in the system. This has been occurring ever since I got a coolant flush and coolant re-fill. I notice that my coolant level is below the cold fill line when the vehicle has sat for a while. I tried to top up the coolant with the dex-cool mixture, but noticed after a while, level decreased back to its lower level (2 inches below the cold fill line). This could mean a leak, but the level does not decrease past that point (its been a few months now). Never have had a problem with high engine temperature (temperature is always just a bit below the mid point, even in the hot Ontario summer with A/C on).

Questions: Is this swishing sound a significant problem for the vehicles health? Am I okay driving the vehicle with the situation I have described? Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.


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I had a similar problem with 2006 Buick it was the heater core they had to replace. At the time I was lucky I had a extended warranty