Rust within 2 yrs and 30,000


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I just gave my 2010 Equinox a bath today and while I was cleaning the inside and out I stumbled upon quite an eyesore.

I have a few chips in the hood, but you can clearly see the alpo or whatever the coating is that protects the metal. When I worked for GM (building the Cobalt) I know the car was dipped in an ALPO bath.

The rust I show in the picture above is located right on the bottom of the tailgate.

Here is a picture of the chip on my hood. I've known about it for at least a year and it has no rust.

Any suggestions for both of these blemishes?

I'm new to the community, but ever since gas was found mixed in with my oil and the fuel pump needed replaced around 27,000 miles, I've been a little more informed of my crossover.

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