Rear End Noise


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My 2010 Equinox has developed a strange new noise. After I start the car and drive a couple of miles, there is a fairly loud, low toned, rhythmic thumping and vibration that seems to be coming from the rear end. It will do that for a couple of miles and then quiet down. I put new tires on the back and it did not help. Any ideas? I've had the car less than 2 years and have put thousands into it in repairs. I am beginning to hate it.


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If that work was not done already perhaps your hub bearings are going bad especially if you have high mileage on the car. You should check each wheel for excessive play which could give a clue as to which if any of the bearings may be bad.


Not sure if this applies to your year Nox - my 2013 3.6L does the same thing. If you search older posts on here you should find discussion of it. I am unsure if it applies to the 4 cyl models.

Summary is that is something related to the fuel system and is actually normal. I believe on my 2013 the noise comes from the right rear, yours may be different.