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How many of you love on star? How many have you used the emergency button yet?
I have not used the emergency button... But I loved it when it was free. I don't pay per month.. In my truck a pay for minutes and it seems to prolong our service with the e-mail notification.


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Don't get me wrong it is a great service and if it was in the wifes vehicle you bet I would have it. But I know how to take care of myself if the vehicle breaks down. Plus I have a cell phone and I'm never more than 15 miles away from the next town.


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I love having the OnStar for my fiance.. She's not exactly mechanically inclined.. AT ALL..

But its nice to get updates on the car, and let her use it if she is in an emergency without me. We haven't decided if after the first year we will keep it or not..

We did just renew our OnStar Navigation.. It was only like $7.50 a month, and we use it enough that we thought it was worth it.

Siris radio will be one once the 3 months is up... We both have Ipods so no need for that..


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I like it for it being able to connect when even a cell phone could not, like when I am headed up to Yellowstone.
Been on some state HWY that you could drive for an hour without seeing anyone.
Hit a deer, bison, bear or anything like that some dark night or get whacked by a drunk and not be able to call anyone you do have a chance if onstar detects the crash.
From what I have read Onstar has more then just the air bag detectors on the newer cars.


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It is a wonderful service to have! That being said, I let it run out on my Silverado and never renewed it. Will probably do the same with the Equinox. We just never use it.
I think the best advice for that is to just keep minutes on your account so you can use the phone. I think that will leave the onstar service open without paying for it monthly.

IMO its not worth it to keep the subscription but I keep my minutes up to date.


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Service is "okay". A few occasions when I had to request driving directions during rush hour, I had to wait on average about 3 to 5 min. for help. After the free trial, I realized that I just don't use it regularly. If you have AAA, a cellphone, keep up with maintenance and don't go off path, you'll bore the operators. I do use it when driving long distance and just pay for that month.

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