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:Jedi:Hi all this is my 1st time on here of course because I have a problem. I have a 2011 Equinox my mileage is 17670 and my car stopped on me 3 times while driving in December and my car has a loud noise and my air bag light came on. I had to put my car in the shop and I have a rental now they telling me that they change the balance change and two values I just don't understand why I'm having this much problems with a car that suppose to me new.
I am hoping that all this is covered under warranty. I mean that is what a warranty is for and it sucks. There are quite a few of these cars out there and most of them are not problematic. We all get a bad egg every now and again from all manufactures. I haven't had one with Chevy but if and when it happens I will be glad to let them warranty the work.

If it is out of warranty I am thankful that I can fix it myself.


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I just got rid of my 2011 NOX worst crappy VEH. I ever owned what made it worst was the treatment from GM, the nox was a lemon from new, I got tired of the constant phone calls telling me they will look into it but they never offered to do anything but waste my time, and the constant trips to dealer , I traded in for A 2013 new nox it will be my last gm VEH and i will tell all that gm treats its customers LIKE SH_T!!!! THE HORROR CONTINUES !!


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Probably you need to replace your engine because when the car starts to tolled, every single bolt in the engine gets damaged.

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