Is SRX 2015 hot? Got 33939 for base model FWD. White version is sold out...


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I owned three cars before and all of them are white(I just like it)... I did a quick inquiry in and the dealers gave me a fair price. However, they told me that they only have two black SRXs for base version. The only white SRX is Premium and it is beyond my budget.
I want to wait for a white version. However, dealer told me the price is always changing and they cannot guarantee the same price weeks later.
Should I just accept the black version or seek for a white one? Is 33939 a fair price for SRX 2015(base model FWD) Any suggestions will be helpful, thanks in advance
Aren't there other colors besides black that you like.

Black SRX's are much more bada$$ than white for sure. No doubt about it.

Doesn't sound like a bad price to me but I haven't looked at them in a long time.

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Wait and get what you want.
I've had more than half a dozen white vehicles. I bought a silver one a few years back, now all I have are silver.

I like my silver ice metallic equinox with the jet black & light titanium interior

Though the leather seats come with red stitching, that to me looks a little strange. The door pocket bottom protector is also red. I do not like those accent colors.

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