Intermittent and simultaneous abs and traction control lights started flashing 2006 EQ.


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My 2006 EQ. w/ 126,000 relatively reliable has had new belts, new plugs & plug wires, brake system flush and new wheel end bearing assemblies. There are 11 months of use on the auto zone W.B.s with probably less than 1,000 miles and new tires.

So, my intermittent simultaneous traction control light & ABS light started flashing. There were NO chiming. The engine DID NOT die. In fact I could throw it from drive to park and shut of the car and then restarted it, the instruments went thru their usual lite ups routines and my ABS and Traction control warning light went back to normal ie., dark. Auto Zone will exchange for a new set till this march 2022. but can anyone help me understand this recurring issue. thanks in advance

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