Help! 2011 Equinox Engine Power Reduced


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I have a 2011 Equinox and have had a lot of issues and repairs. Last year I went through an oil consumption study at the dealership and got a new engine. I haven't had any trouble since until this morning. I left my house and drove 50 yards when the engine warning light came on and Engine Power is Reduced message and could not accelerate over 20 mph. It was 15 degrees and my commute is 30 miles mostly on I-95 so I turned around and went. Waiting to hear back from the maintenance tech at the dealership who knows my history. I was unsure whether I should drive it or have it towed to the dealership. i came here and saw others with this issue with mixed solutions. I am outside my warranty- it was extended last year due to "known issues" with the 2011's but I think that has expired. Looking for feedback or advice. I do not want to pay hundreds of dollars -again- to fix this vehicle. Thanks


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Could be a ECM issue i know my 08 had it and if you reset the whole vehicle by unplugging the battery from the vehicle for 10mins and that does the trick not a perm fix

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