Headlight upgrades?


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I have a 2014 equinox with regular halogen bulbs looking for an upgrade I’ve tried a couple LED sets with no luck.. One pair of LED off Amazon started flashing after a month and another pair made my radio fuzzy. Other than OEM bulb anybody else have any luck with a better brighter bulb?


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The housing/reflector in your 2014 is designed for halogens. If you put in an LED you will do several things, worst of which is blind oncoming drivers. While LED may have a whiter light and 'look cool' there is a good chance the actual light output in lumens is at best equal to your halogens, quite possibly less; whiter is NOT brighter, matter of fact whiter light causes more glare on the road for the driver, a lower colour temperature, >4000K, will give you better visibility in rain and snow. It's with good reason that in France for example the colour of fog lights has to yellow, even >2700K, since fog lights are supposed to help you see better and there is far less glare with yellow light than with white light.