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Feb 2, 2023
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The generations are completly wrong here. it should be as 06-07 08-09 etc. i iown a 2005 and a 2008 models. One was given to me as a parts car the other was a running car. The running Model is the 08 has full leather interior the 3.4 ltr V6 auto trans LT body with sunroof etc etc etc. When I see someone else with an Equinox i try talking to them i have noticed that the average person ( besides myself that is ) is a complete jerk. they act like thier shit dont stink ( im proud of my own personal stench from the bathroom) but i degress. the gens of the gens of the vehicles is wrong complelly wrong for this Forum. when i look for parts for my 08 model nothing from the 05-07 models are compatable for my 08 model an nothing from the 08 will work on my 05 model. i have found that with some elctrical tape and some twist on ties parts can work between the engines. Hell i have a starter from a 2010 Traverse omn my 08 equinox currently an it is one hell of a starter. All i had to do was splice the wire for the solenoidan it works great. an that starter was for a 3.6 ltr engine not for a 3.4 ltr. im tired of the false info about these vehicals and the interchange info. why cant we know if something works because of a certain wire or a certain mount? i have a 05 that needs and engine and i dont want to waste my money replaving an engine with a 05-07 only interchange i want to know what will fit and what will bolt up to that transmission so that i can have another running car in my house. yes i am full of knowlege when it comes too cars yes i am an asshole at the same time. but if you dont have comomon sence i will ignore your dumbass

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