Evaporator core


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So, I am honestly wondering if they built the entire Equinox around the evaporator core. My evaporator core is leaking freon. So obviously my A/C is not keeping up with the Texas heat. It is going to cost $2000 to replace that part. Why… because they have to take out the two front seats, the center console, the steering column, and the entire dash board off to get to it. I am very unhappy to say the least. anyone have any words of wisdom here? I don’t have $2000 just laying around. So I am gonna have to sweat it out the rest of the summer. 🙄


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It is true, it is a large job that they have to take it all apart. If it was me, I would shop around to see if you can get a better price in the cooler months. If it is 90 outside I know someone would pay $2,000. In the fall time, that might not be true. The part itself can cost $60-$100 so as you can tell it is the labor. Not sure if you had dealer price or not.


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Same issue, but a slow leak. I put up with it, and get a recharge every 9 months or so. Oh, it's a 2014 but same issue to deal with.
I had a similar issue with the driver side headlamp. Dealership charged me over 250 because front bumper had to be removed to change. Subsequent years went to Sun Auto and had both changed for 90 dollars - no removing any bumper so get second opinions. Good luck!

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