Equinox 2018 - phone charger replacement


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When I purchased my 2018 Equinox, the sales person touted the wireless phone charger as a great benefit. At the time, my phone did not support that, so I could never test it.
Recently, I got a new iphone xs, and found it does not work. When I took the Equinox in for servicing, i asked them to check it. They found it worked fine… but not with my iphone!?
As it turns out, the wireless charger in the Equinox 2018 is "Gen I" device, which only works on android phones.
Searching the internet, I found a "Gen II" replacement phone charging unit (P/N 84526978).
All I need now, are some instructions on removing the console without breaking something.

Does anyone have any "how to" for the replacement of the phone charging unit in the tray under the infotainment system?

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