Engine keeps running after I turn it off (2012 4cyl). A/C not at its best.

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Sep 12, 2022
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In the middle of this hot July, I turned on the a/c and noticed it wasn't as cold as usual. (My Nox is serviced regularly by the dealer and the a/c has never needed work.) I drove about 5 miles and it started cooling much better, as usual. I made a couple of stops, then, when I pulled into my garage and turned off the engine...it kept running! It had never done that. I put on the emergency brake (which I usually don't do in the garage) and it shut itself off after about 6 minutes. Very scary! I always turn the radio, a/c, heater - everything - off. The temperature gauge never moved from where it usually is. I looked it up and apparently, this is not unusual for Chevy/GMC vehicles. It is certainly unusual for this Nox! I took it to the dealer, but, of course, it wouldn't replicate and they said the sensor indicates that it MAY be the thermostat. After that, it didn't do it again until yesterday. Again, the a/c didn't cool and the engine kept running for 6 minutes. My husband drove it this morning and the a/c wasn't cold again. It's on its way to a shop for a look-see! Any ideas or suggestions? My oil level is at 37% and it's getting a change this week. Thank you, Nox people!

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