AWD to FWD... Delete rear shaft

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Apr 29, 2023
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What is inside the transfer case/center differential? It's real tough to get some specific answers online, so I must ask here. 2012 equinox 2.4 awd. I saw videos on people deleting the rear driveshaft, making it front wheel drive. They drive it, and say it works fine. That's not good enough for me. People rightfully respond with comments on it being bad for the transfer case. That's assuming it is a viscous coupling center diff... is it? What mechanism is in the transfer case to send power to the rear? Would traction control be going nuts? If it is simply a mechanical gear(s) splitting power, I would be certain there would be no issue deleting that shaft. Viscous, I don't know much about it but I would think it would not be efficient, since there's no load coming from the rear to balance the front. Rear diff is another issue. I was thinking it would be beneficial (if easy enough) to remove the rear driveshaft and get 2-3 more mpg in spring-fall and just put it back for the winter.

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