2020 Equinox Infotainment Issues


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I am having two issues with the infotainment system in my 2020 Equinox Premier:

1. I have to resync the contacts from my iPhone 8 almost daily to have them all available for me to use through the voice recognition system. Often only half or less are available.

2. I have had several instances where the voice recognition system has been "unavailable" after heading out and the only way to get it back is to shut the car down and wait until all exit power has shut off and restart. After that it is fine. It has never happened back to back.

Any ideas/thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.

I am having the same problem on my 2019 Equinox Premier.

Is your Equinox the Premier Model.

My car is currently at the dealer for diagnosis. Called the Infotainment Hotline, and they indicated that the Radio might have to be swapped out.

Were you ever able to solve this situation.

Also, some Silverado customers are having a similar issue:


My 2020 Corvette and my 2015 Camaro are syncing correctly.

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