2015 Equinox Coolant Change


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I was going to do the 60 month/150K coolant change but haven't found any good information on how to accomplish this. The Haynes manual is useless. Says to drain the radiator & reserve tank and refill. Well you only get 3 of the 8.2 quarts out. The rest is stuck in the block behind the thermostat & in the heater core. I've found some references to a block drain plug near the water pump but the information is elusive. An extensive Google search and nothing useful. Then how about the heater core? Thanks


Yes, not much information about this. I've just seen to drain the lower hose and refill. I guess doing this annually would do the job. Mine is also a 2015 and due for coolant change but finding information is next to impossible.


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There's a drain plug on your water pump. Take off your overflow reservoir cap, open your petcock, and take the plug out of the water pump.

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