2011 regular equinox

I have a 2011 chevy equinox I bought it with
64, 000 miles certified pre-owned I now have
107, 765 miles on it.
Most recent problem that started about 3 weeks ago is when I fill my tank and jump in and start it up put it in drive and press the pedal it stalls out.

2.when I pull up to a stop light and stop the engine spudders and the car lurches .
When the light turns green
I take my foot off the break and press the gas to go it stalls out in mid turn.
I have to put it in park and restart and give it more gas then usual to keep it from stalling .

3. When I am at the store and attempting to park
I stall out four or five times before I am actually fully parked.

The chevy dealer says that all the recall issues were addressed on my car but I'm thinking that they are full of it.
Being a dad on social security raising two boys
Makes it very hard to afford to pay the dealership to look at it .
Does anyone know what the problem is with my equinox? If so let me know.

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