2011 equinox radio ?'s


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I have a new equinox and love it!! i also have the two dvd players in the headrests which are linked via multi port box under drivers seat. This multiport box has two open rca style connecters to hook up external devices. I was wondering if anyone knew if the dvd player on the console has a a/v out that can be run to the headrests? This may be a waste of time anyways because of the video deactivation when not in park but it would be nice if it worked. Also i was of the understanding that the subwoofer in the rear is not for noise cancelling in the ltz v6 models. can anyone confirm this? if so is it upgradable. I think i might be reaching with some of these ?'s since the vehicle is so new but what the hey. I wonder if the dealer has radio schematic of the radio that would include the a/v
Wow, They made these things so technical there are so many good questions out there. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to score a LTZ. But I know some will chime in with some answers to your questions!

Congrats on the new ride and welcome to the site!