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Hey guys,

I have an issue with my 2016 chevrolet equinox LT V6 AWD. Couple of days ago my infotainment screen started to go black upon starting the car. It would come back after a couple of minutes or after completely turning off the car and restarting. Today, after parking my car, the car wouldnt turn on at all. No clicking sound, no lights on, completely dead.

The battery is brand new (less than 4 months old) as I had to change it once in the past when the car wouldnt turn on.

I took it to the dealership where they told me that nothing was wrong with the car when they checked it all day. The battery volts came out normal, the engine wasnt giving trouble cranking up. When the ama guy had initially came and boosted it, he said the battery volts are fine and that the alternator looked like it was charging fine.

I know I didnt leave any lights on. We plug it in at night as it is past -18 celsius. I assumed it may be the spark plugs or alternator but the dealership ruled both out.

Now, I am not sure what to do as they said that the next time it dies, to tow it there because thats the only way they can check the root of the issue.

Is there something I can do to fix this myself? Any ideas?

Thank you!

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