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  1. Z_Ghost

    Trip to hell

    My boss at work got to see a really big 12 point but never got the chance to shoot it. He is headed back this weekend.
  2. Z_Ghost

    Question regarding the "Nox" in snow

    The only problem I had was it's a pain to power slid around corners.
  3. Z_Ghost

    Question regarding the "Nox" in snow

    I drove home late one night on I35 W south bound to I30 east Back when the Super Bowl was being held here. When we had all the snow. Getting off I35 to get on I30 you have to go up that over pass. 2 trucks, 1 BMW, 1 Van 1 Big Rig stuck. Me I went up, around, waved by as I just keep going. Drove...
  4. Z_Ghost

    Trip to hell

    Good luck with the hunt.
  5. Z_Ghost

    What I loved about my Avalanche I HATE about my Equinox....

    Congrats. I hope to get to that point one day
  6. Z_Ghost


    Well not sure about the big bucks but it will wear you out. :birgits_tiredcoffee
  7. Z_Ghost

    Brake Rotors Turned.

    They look new again. I bet it stops like new again. O and I only have 19,000 on my (2011) Terrain. LOL
  8. Z_Ghost

    Trip to hell

    LOOK The cold front is coming YEAH. Almost 90 today.
  9. Z_Ghost

    Where is everybody?

    Internet been up and down for sometime and even when it's up I am not home very much right now. Helping a friend work on a blowen mustang, yeah I know it's a mustang but it should be pushing over 600 HP at the rear wheels. The Terrain had to have the front driver side wheel bearing replaced at...
  10. Z_Ghost

    My 2013 1LT Atlantis Blue

    Looks great, hope you enjoy it.
  11. Z_Ghost

    Black emblems

    Keep thinking about doing that to my SUV. O wait I do not have a bowtie. Darn it. LOL Looks good blacked out.
  12. Z_Ghost


    Better then I was over the last year, still not like I was back before the Chron's started up. Been working to many hours and it does not look like it will let up anytime soon.
  13. Z_Ghost

    Trip to hell

    Well it was but it's getting Hot again, guess winter is over now.
  14. Z_Ghost

    Check out my sig

    26 days and still going. Still have a bit of a cig every few days but now they tasted really bad. I vaping some stawberry cheesecake flavored juice right now, it not only tastes good but also seems to be helping me to cut out eating sweets too. LOL
  15. Z_Ghost

    Pioneer sub in cargo area

    Not a sub, it's a noise cancellation system and that's probably what you have. You have to have the upgraded sound system to get the sub.
  16. Z_Ghost

    Love the 11 Nox, but I am noticing some minor issues

    Rough starts in the morning. yes when it's really cold in the morning and I have not started the Terrain in a few days. Still doing the rattle on start up when it's cold out. I also just got the driver side wheel hub bearing replaced, it was coming apart.
  17. Z_Ghost

    Pass key III

    might be a good idea, would not be fun to be out somewhere and have it not start.
  18. Z_Ghost

    Pass key III

    When I lock my Terrain the light blinks but it's not fast then when I unlock it the light goes out and stays off. I remember reading someone had that problem and that it did not start, I think I would get that checked ASAP
  19. Z_Ghost

    Check out my sig

    My motivation for quitting the cigs is Chloe. My 2 best friends had their first baby and well I knew that mom did not want to have people around her child that smelled like cigs. So that gave me the drive to quite. So last Friday I got to hold her. I'm a uncle now even if we are all just really...
  20. Z_Ghost

    The challenge of a life

    Way to go, hope you can keep it up. I know it's hard to do and you have to keep at it all the time, but you will feel better for it and it's really worth it. The really hard part is finding the right motivation.