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    3-month report on my 2022, and questions

    For anyone interested, my 2022 Equinox LT is exactly 3 months old, with about 3,500 miles on the clock (about average, I guess) - mostly freeway driving, some city. Reported average MPG is 29.7. I have checked the oil from time to time - down maybe 1 mm on the dipstick (i.e. very little oil...
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    Hi all... Have any of you tried any of the "auto-stop-start eliminators" that are out there? Even though my 22 'nox has a button to TENPORARILY turn off this 'feature', I still find it really annoying (I understand that some earlier models didn't have the button at all). Even if you use the...
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    USB Music

    Hi all... Although this is about my '22 'nox (with 'Infotainment Package'), it probably applies to earlier models as well... Does anyone else use a USB thumb-drive, with MP3 files on it, for music? Mine is permanently plugged in to the front USB-A port. About 3 times out of 5, when I start...
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    '22 'nox USB ports

    Hi all... My '22 LT appears to have 4 USB ports as follows: #1: USB-C (newer, small with rounded ends), front (cubby in front of shift lever) #2: USB-A (older, bigger with square ends), front, beside #1 #3: USB-A, center storage bin behind shift lever #4: USB-A, center, beside #3 Somewhere...
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    2022 Equinox LT, loaded

    Hi all... I'm new here. Just bought a new 2022 Chev. Equinox LT - silver/black, has 'confidence & convenience', 'infotainment', and 'advanced safety' packages. Traded in a 2015 GMC Terrain (pretty much its twin, in case you don't know) Glad to meet you all! I'll lurk here for a while, then...