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    3-month report on my 2022, and questions

    For anyone interested, my 2022 Equinox LT is exactly 3 months old, with about 3,500 miles on the clock (about average, I guess) - mostly freeway driving, some city. Reported average MPG is 29.7. I have checked the oil from time to time - down maybe 1 mm on the dipstick (i.e. very little oil...
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    USB stick not recognized by 2020 Equinox

    No solution, songbird87. Only to say that my 22 'nox has had the same behavior since day one, and others have reported this too. Mine will recognize the thumb drive sometimes, other times not. I've tried 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, all with the same (sometimes) results. I THINK (maybe?) the USB-C port is...
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    Hi all... Have any of you tried any of the "auto-stop-start eliminators" that are out there? Even though my 22 'nox has a button to TENPORARILY turn off this 'feature', I still find it really annoying (I understand that some earlier models didn't have the button at all). Even if you use the...
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    USB Music

    Hi all... Although this is about my '22 'nox (with 'Infotainment Package'), it probably applies to earlier models as well... Does anyone else use a USB thumb-drive, with MP3 files on it, for music? Mine is permanently plugged in to the front USB-A port. About 3 times out of 5, when I start...
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    dorrellkc - Your understanding is right on. (I had questions too, and thanks to other messages here, I think I understand this thing now.) In my case, my new '22 has "connected navigation" ... The key thing to note is that WITHOUT ANY OnStar subscription, nav still works. It relies on map data...
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    '22 'nox USB ports

    Thanks, ricklack. Mine does not have the two at the rear, so that means they're ALL data+power. -Richard
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    Hey ricktack: I just got a '22 (build date 6/22) LT, with nav. Dealer can't tell me: Do I need an OnStar subscription in order to use the built-in nav functions (I don't want one)? I.e. do you have an OnStar subscription? (FWIW I'm not getting the SD-Card error messages - hopefully they've...
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    '22 'nox USB ports

    Hi all... My '22 LT appears to have 4 USB ports as follows: #1: USB-C (newer, small with rounded ends), front (cubby in front of shift lever) #2: USB-A (older, bigger with square ends), front, beside #1 #3: USB-A, center storage bin behind shift lever #4: USB-A, center, beside #3 Somewhere...
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    2022 Equinox LT, loaded

    Hi all... I'm new here. Just bought a new 2022 Chev. Equinox LT - silver/black, has 'confidence & convenience', 'infotainment', and 'advanced safety' packages. Traded in a 2015 GMC Terrain (pretty much its twin, in case you don't know) Glad to meet you all! I'll lurk here for a while, then...