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    Adding aftermarket rear view camera

    Going to use a wireless camera wired to the license plate lite. Looking for a connection to the reverse switch. Or if theres a better way.
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    13 ls cabin filter and mice

    7 months ago found a dead mouse on the cabin filter and couple of hand fulls of acorns in blower wheel. Pulled filter for inspection poop and nibbles on pleates. Can't find where they are coming in any ideas.
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    Windshield washer pump

    2013 equinox all videos that i watched showed front bumper had to be removed. Im a small guy changed it without removing bumper. Will get a little wet , pump just pulls straight up, replace rubber grommet in jug and pay close attention to the hoses one for the front the other the rear window...
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    Oil in filter box 2.4

    88k mileage 2013 i4. 3/8" of nasty thick oil in in filter box am i correct it from the pcv system stopped up? Spark plugs black?.
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    teardop trailer

    just wonder if anyone has towed a teardrop with a 4 cyl equinox,1000lbs trailer and 200lbs gear
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    Cogan custom bra

    Wanting to find out how they fit and if your satisfied with the materials they use