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  1. bigbillsd

    2014 Equinox AC & Heat only come out the defroster & Floor outlets.

    We cannot get it to blow out from the dash outlets anymore. Takes forever to cool the car on a hot day. Is there a fuse that controls that or does the whole dash need to be removed? Thanks, Bill
  2. bigbillsd

    2014 Equinox AC & Heat now only come out the defroster outlets

    I cannot get them to come back out the dash vents. Cars got 50k miles. WTH. -Bill
  3. bigbillsd

    How do I get my 2014 Equinox Audio system to start up connecting to my phone?

    2014 Equinox LTZ I have to got to home screen and click on BT icon each time I get in the car. Is there a way to pin it to BT? -Bill
  4. bigbillsd

    A/C now only blows from Defroster and Floor. Cannot get it to come out from center of dash anymore.

    2014 4 cyl LTZ Worked normal till a few weeks ago. I have tried all the dash controls and nothing will make the cool air blow from the normal A/C vents in the dash. Is there a simple fix, Service Bullitin or recall. I have yet to find anything about this. Thanks, Bill
  5. bigbillsd

    Aftermarket Keyless Starting?

    Has anyone heard of an aftermarket Keyless Start retrofit for a 2014 Equinox? Having to take a key out of a purse or pocket is so 1990 its hard to believe I was able to talk my wife into purchasing the 2014 Equinox LTZ.
  6. bigbillsd

    Bluetooth issues with 2014 Equinox

    I picked up a new Equinox LTZ for my wife late last year so she could have hands free and audio streaming. The phone mostly worked with her old HTC EVO, but audio streaming had an issue where it was always paused and I couldn't get it unpaused. I decided to upgrade her phone to a new LG model...