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  1. BowtieBill

    Flat tow Here is the switch kit.
  2. BowtieBill

    Flat tow

    Sorry. Others were saying not to flat tow, just try to verify that part. But would it not be easier to pull the fuse, or install the switch so you do not have to pull the fuse, rather then disconnect the battery every time? I cannot answer if it hurts anything to disconnect the battery. I doubt...
  3. BowtieBill

    Flat tow

    I know the previous version can be flat towed as well. But you have to pull a fuse to prevent the battery from draining. There is a switch you can install so that you do not have to remove the battery. Have you looked in your Manual? There should be a section on whether or not it can be towed 4...
  4. BowtieBill

    Potenial new Equinox owner

    Hey gang, Just signed up. I am looking on surprising Wifey with a new 2016 Equinox LTZ AWD, for a combo anniversary/Christmas gift. It is time to put her 2003 Trailblazer LTZ to rest. I signed up to see what others have said about their's, and to see what options are for upgraded wheels. Not...